Giveaway: 50% for a WorksheetCloud Subscription

Giveaway: 50% for a WorksheetCloud Subscription

Michael and I are always on the look out for ideas or tools to help us and our children to make the most of our time. We signed up to use WorksheetCloud to help Eli to maintain his “A” game at school while enjoying all his extra activities. WorksheetCloud provides ” interactive online practice exams and worksheets that give you immediate feedback and instant help“. It is for the CAPS curriculum for all subjects from Grade 1-9.

For my readers: WorksheetCloud is offering a 50% discount on the yearly fee. That means you pay R585,00 for the next year (12months) for practice worksheets and exams available on a daily basis. To qualify, use the code “MILLION2019” when you sign up here.

How is WorksheetCloud is making a difference in our lives?

Like many parents, much of our own schedule is based on our children’s busy schedules. Eli is the busiest of our three children and his week looks like this:

He also has chores which include:

  • To dress his own bed everyday
  • Feed the dogs in the evening
  • Keep the garden and driveway clear of dirt

Eli is the type of person who thrives on being busy. When he is not engaged in any of the above he is an avid reader, a play station fan and has a gift for the gab.

As parents of older children, Michael and I are aware that many children feel stressed by the pressure to perform. Peer pressure also brings about an added challenge for many children. We are always checking-in with Eli to make sure that he is not doing too much. We know that children are different and each child will have different needs at different stages of their development, especially during the pre-teen phase and the teenage years.

We value our children’s emotional and mental well being. Therefore it is important to us that Eli feels confident and supported by using a tool like WorksheetCloud in his busy schedule.

Eli working on Afrikaans concepts using Worksheet Cloud between afternoon activities.

WorksheetCloud speaks to his love of digital work spaces and that he can complete revision worksheets in the car when travelling between extra-mural activities. Eli likes that it is interactive and that he gets feedback immediately.

The reward system of gaining coins for prizes speaks to Eli’s competitive nature. Just as we live by the ethos “the only person you need to outdo is yourself”, Eli coaches himself to do better when he retakes an exercise. He accepts that he does not understand the concept and that with a little more studying he can score higher than he did before. The greatest testament to how functional this tool is, is that Eli already worked out which worksheets he needs to do based on the areas he wants to improve in at school.

I like the ease with which we signed up, and could get going. Eli, being tech savvy as most children are these days, needed no help from me in navigating his way around the website. For Michael and I we can log in as parents to monitor what Eli is doing as well as see which areas he requires more help with. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Eli was working more than I thought he was. Even on a Sunday afternoon.

Best wishes from Eli, Michael and I to you and yours as we count down the last four months of the school year.

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