Review: I think I’ve Nailed My Christmas Shopping List

Review: I think I’ve Nailed My Christmas Shopping List

It is half past eleven on Sunday night and I can’t go to bed because I’m so excited. I think I found gift ideas that are so relevant to my family.  As a family with a tween, a teenager and a young adult with a disability who has very  specific likes and dislikes; finding just the right gift that is useful, trendy and guaranteed to illicit squeals of delight on Christmas morning; is not always easy.

I am also awful at shopping for other people. My heart knows how grateful I am and how much I want to express that by giving the right gift; but I feel that I never quite find the perfect gift for my family members and my friends.  If you are anything like me, then this may be a helpful read for you.

1. Funko
This is exciting for so many reasons. My family in different ways are collectors. My son and my brother collect a specific brand of toy cars. I collect books by classic authors like Shakespeare and the Brontë sisters, amongst others. We also collect international soccer memorabilia and salt and pepper sets.

We are collectors. And what better range to start my families new collections than the Funko range which are vinyl figurines based on pop culture. I shrieked with delight when I saw the DC Superheroes collection and the soccer players collection.

Marvel Funko Pop Collectibles


Savannah my daughter who has a disability and struggles with severe anxiety finds comfort in holding small objects that she can relate too. I am sure she will love the ‘Ed Sheeran” figurine. I mean which young women wouldn’t?

With the vast range to choose from for Music Lovers, Movie Lovers, Sports Fans and Series fanatics , I have a feeling that Funko Collectibles are going to become one of our family’s new collection trends.

2. Solo Range of Hybrid Bags
These bags have got me excited because my son Eli spends most of his week between soccer practices, Kumon, School and Scouting. Some days when we pack his backpack for the day,  I feel that I’m packing for a weekend away. It seems that I pack everything but his bed. Going from one extra-mural to the other, we have to ensure that he has the correct clothing, enough food, his phone and school books; if has to eat, work and entertain himself between events. The Solo range has a few options to choose from to hold everything that Eli needs in a day.I am likely to choose between:

The All Star Backpack

The All Star BackPack R1 699,00

Or The Solo Work to Play Backpack

The Work to Play Backpack R999, 00

As a family with a person who uses a wheelchair, we need to carry a few items for her when we leave the house. Especially if we go to parks or family outings, pushing the wheelchair while balancing bags and loose items of her stuff is difficult. We also need a bag that is comfortable for either Michael, Talisa or myself to carry while we push the wheelchair.  This Solo Weekender Backpack might just do the trick.

The Weekender Backpack R1 499,00

If you are like me and are still looking for the perfect gifts then visit who are the leading supplier of branded technology in South Africa. Or their products are available at Incredible Connection,,, and selected PNA stores.

For myself it means there are a few ticks on my Christmas Shopping List which makes me feel pretty good.



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