SA MOMMY Blogger Awards: Best Wisdom Giver was Baby Guide for the Modern Mother

SA MOMMY Blogger Awards: Best Wisdom Giver was Baby Guide for the Modern Mother

As you already know my children have long been weaned, potty trained and can pretty much entertain themselves independently. Well, two out of three of my children are for the most part, independent. Savannah still needs mama in different ways.

I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed reading Letitia Venter’s blogs which crowned her Best Wisdom Giver for the SA Mommy Blogger Awards 2017 which is this weeks feature on my blog. New moms in my social circle often seek me out for advice and in future it will be nice to point them to Letitia’s blog.

Her first winning blog “Dear New Mom, A Summary of a What You Should Know” is an easy read with practical advice that any new, sleep-deprived, panic-stricken, breast feeding or bottle feeding mum will find very useful. Letitia is also a trained Lactation Consultant who does volunteer work in her community.

Letitia’s second winning blog had me saying “Amen” and “Hallelujah” every couple seconds. It is “Physical and Mental Delays Caused by Baby Walkers and Jumpers” I have been against the use of walkers and jumpers for babies because I learnt early in my motherhood journey, the negative impact these baby mobility products have on a child’s development. This post helps new parents to think through the reasons why they should not use these type of baby products.

Letitia shares her research and wisdom with an amazing amount of respect and knowledge. I think this is a must follow blog for all new parents.

Letitia’s blog, “Baby Guide for the Modern Mother” is a great link to share at Baby Showers. Letitia, I wish you all the very best as you parent your little one and support your community of new mothers too.

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