The medical mom by A Minor Bump in the Road

The medical mom by A Minor Bump in the Road

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and this post by ‘A Minor Bump in the Road’ caught my eye:


It couldn’t have been more apt because I’m sitting in a hospital bed with Savannah curled up tightly next to me.

I had hoped that I would not be this mom. Twenty two years later I am the Medical Mom. I know things I wish I didn’t know.

I have mastered the art of patiently nodding as well meaning people (not professionals) share their medical diagnosis and solutions for Savannah. I have lost the energy to tell them why their typical solutions won’t work on my child. And as I listen and thank them for their advice and care, all the while I wonder why do I have to know all this.

This isn’t my life. I’m in the wrong life. Just now it’s going to be fixed and I won’t have to know all this medical stuff. But no! Apparently even if I’m in the wrong life… it is not going to be fixed.

My life is here holding this terrified, panic stricken adult as she fights against meds and nurses and me. I am that mom. This is my daughter and this is our fight!

Thank you ‘A Minor Bump in the Road’ for this post. It is so appreciated.

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