Sponsor News: Supreme Signage-Get your business noticed

Sponsor News: Supreme Signage-Get your business noticed

As you know I have been involved in a few different areas of interests this year as a blogger and as a Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa semi-finalist. As a semi-finalist I had to have a personal sponsor and one of those sponsors is Supreme Rubber Rollers. So here I am learning about this very different industry and the people behind the company. In my post a few weeks ago, I explained that Supreme Rubber Rollers are responsible for the manufacture and refurbishment of rollers which are used in the printing industry.

The other morning while stuck in traffic on the N3 here in Gauteng, South Africa; I noticed how many vehicles were branded. It got me thinking how effective signage is. I wouldn’t have known that there is a Portuguese Restaurant a few streets from my house if I had not seen their sign on a vehicle.  Nor would I have known about Meyersdal Hair and Beauty Studio or the Blo bar if they didn’t have signage at the mall where the salon is situated in. So many businesses are incidentally discovered by their prospective clients just because they have invested in branding their premises and or their vehicles.

I was interested to learn that Supreme Rubber Rollers also have a signage service: Supreme Signage. “Supreme Rubber’s unparalleled commitment to branding and signage ensures a team of
experts will work closely with you to understand your organisation and then translate that into
signs that will ensure your company makes the right impression.”



In the same way as a blogger I had to create a “look” for my website in order to make my website visually appealing to potential readers, businesses are also dependent on the right branding to advertise their companies. Again for my website, I also had to provide information about my services as well as some tabs to direct my readers to different areas on the website. So too businesses or buildings housing different businesses also have to provide information in the forms of signage about various aspects that enable better functioning of their business.

If you are a small business or a large corporation and you know that your business will definitely benefit from better branding and signage, then contact Supreme Signage http://www.supremerubber.co.za/contact-us/ to find out how they can help you extend your reach or improve the functioning of your facilities through branding and signage .

I like that Mrs. Riccolene Moodley-Govender is a hands on business woman who is making a difference in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by men. If you are like me, I think you will appreciate that too.

Here’s to more clients finding your business even when they are not intentionally looking for it.

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