If you are new to social media and might be wondering how ever do people earn a living from posting photographs, then you need to know about the blog ChooseARow by Teri Row. Teri was the winner of the Best Social Media Award from the SA Mommy Blogger Awards.

Teri’s blog answers all your questions about social media and working with brands. She herself is a brand manager and a social media expert. She is also a mommy. How does she juggle it all? Teri clearly loves what she does and from her posts, you know that she is a master of her trade.

Teri’s winning posts were “Don’t be fooled yoh! What brands need to know.“. Teri expertly explains how to work with brands and what to consider in becoming a social media influencer.

I loved Teri’s other winning post because it is so relevant at this time of year. I myself am a newbie at social media and it can be daunting to post consistently in order to remain relevant and influential. However over the silly season, this can be quite tricky as the call to relax and unwind beckons us. What will become of our social media platforms? Will we be erased from the internet if we don’t post over December? Well, Teri clears that up in her post “The Silly Season Switch Off

Teri, thank you for sharing this valuable information, and for empowering other women and mothers too. You definitely deliver “kick ass content” and you embody “the spirit to succeed”.



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