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An Easter I didn’t ever imagine

An Easter I didn’t ever imagine

Today is Good Friday in South Africa. We have always loved celebrating this day.  Amidst singing songs of worship all day (we love music), we have celebrated this day with a special meal of a roast leg of lamb for lunch and all the trimmings. […]

Peace be upon you

I matriculated from a Catholic School where mass always ended with Father Dryden’s greetings “Peace be upon you”, to which we replied “and also with you”. Over these last few weeks that greeting resurfaced in my memory. In the middle of a storm in my […]

Then she began to breathe

Oh to fall in love and remain in love with one’s own life…now that is a blessing.  RM Drakes beautiful reminder stays with me especially as I so often unconsciously become absorbed in reacting to life rather than living it. I hope you will enjoy […]