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Wow! I don’t often use exclamations in my writing but Sade’s winning blogs give voice to the experiences we often don’t want to talk about or don’t know how to express our emotions about it.

When I worked as an assistive technology advisor in the disability sector I witnessed so many stories of success and triumph. I also witnessed so much suffering. Both physical and emotional. I think the most complex was when a person with profound complications who was unable to care for themselves, eventually died. People think that the family would be relieved but so often even I, after assisting in as much as I could, would collapse at my desk in tears when I learned that the person had passed away.

Sade’s posts about her brothers tragic drowning at the tender age of three years old, and her mother’s heart wrenching death in 2017 after years of drug addiction; is an insight into the lives of the people left behind. Sade’s experiences of tragedy as a sibling and then later as a daughter, written while she is mommy to her beautiful son gives a face to what people survive to become the best versions of themselves.

Sade understood inexplicable pain already when she was six years old, and watched her family unravel in the face of her baby brothers drowning. Then she lost her mother to drug addiction and eventually to death.

Please read Sade’s beautiful posts and let’s remember that people who become addicts are also just people who are struggling to cope.

Sade thank you for your bravery, your honesty and your life. Your mother gave the world an amazing woman. For that, I honour her and you!

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