A New Year Has Arrived by Erin Hanson

A New Year Has Arrived by Erin Hanson

On this last day of 2018 I am filled with gratitude as I recount the amazing year I’ve had. Turning forty years old has been my year of re-awakening, re-aligning and re-learning. Thank you to the people who blessed my life this year, especially to everyone who follows A Million Beautiful Pieces.

Your likes, shares and recommendations helps to put Faith, Hope and Love into the world. Without your support, I would not be able to use my gifts and my story. You are the Wind Beneath My Wings. Together we will soar through 2019 and make it a year that will count.

I’ve been saving this poem by Erin Hanson just for today. You will want to save this to remind you not to pick up again what you must leave behind in 2018.

And a new year has arrived

Take down all your trouble
And wrap up your regret
Tie them to the rays of light
The sun sheds as it sets.
Whisper all that was
To fleeting seconds as they pass,
But hold onto your hope
For something new is here at last.
Beg your own forgiveness
And then grant it in one breathe,
Lay the year down softly
As it waits to face its death.
Then sit with eye turned skyward
As the night-time comes alive,
All that’s been is over
And a new year has arrived.


Happy New Year, my friends. Let’s make 2019 count.

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