Announcement: Thank you to Shipping and General Transport and Supreme Rubber

Announcement: Thank you to Shipping and General Transport and Supreme Rubber

Dedicating this year to myself is the most unexpected thing I have ever done. It is not to imply anything heroic or brave. It is just that I was unable to see myself taking time out to explore my interests and to try new experiences such as entering the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa. It was very exciting to have been chosen as a top hundred semi-finalist for 2018.

The idea to dedicate one year or so to myself stemmed from contemplating what to do for my fortieth birthday. As I mulled over this, I realised that like all mothers, I had worked hard to raise my children. However in helping Savannah to become independent as a person with a special needs, twenty years had passed me by. That is okay, except when I looked forward and was brave enough to acknowledge it: Unlike most mothers, I will be a caregiver to a child for the rest of my life.

There isn’t such a thing as balance when parenting a child with high needs. For those of us that appear to be doing it well; it is all about perspective and re-prioritising goals every day . So here I am taking one year just to try to pursue my dreams, shatter ceilings and challenge boundaries. I am thrilled by the support I have. It is especially encouraging to realise that there are people who believe in me enough and want to help me to give my best to the challenge of competing in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa Women Empowerment Programme.

In almost all competitions where a title is the prize; sponsorship for each individual is required. A sponsor is an individual or a company or a group who believe in you and your ability to achieve your dreams. It is quite a feat to achieve anything without the support of a sponsor. So I am elated to announce that Shipping and General Transport and Supreme Rubber are my sponsors to help me to pursue the challenge of being a Mrs South Africa finalist.

Shipping and General Transport is a highly respected leader in transport, warehousing and logistics for thirty years. At the helm of the business is Mr Regan Moodley who is man with remarkable vision and drive. In an industry previously dominated by men, Mr. Moodley’s executive team also comprises of women who are skilled professionals in their respective areas of work. The core values of the company resonate strongly with me:  “We not only deliver bulk commodities, machinery, FMCG, parcels and packages. We deliver containers. We deliver prosperity, we deliver health, we deliver growth, we deliver joy. Every day we deliver.”


Supreme Rubber is a company that manufactures and refurbishes rubber rollers for the printing industry. When you see banners and signage at events, it is likely that those banners passed through a rubber roller that created the print. So now you know something you did not know. Importantly, Supreme Rubber is run by Mrs Riccolene Moodley-Govender, who is not only a businesswoman but also a wife and mother. She knows a little something about “balance”.  I am proud to be associated with a company that has high business ideals: “We pledge to always provide excellence, innovation, generosity, and sharing our vast knowledge for the betterment of the business community.”

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Thank you to both companies for your example of being consistent, determined and successful in your areas of business. I look forward to our partnership.

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