Persons with disabilities and Your families: I Need Your Help, Please

Persons with disabilities and Your families: I Need Your Help, Please

I need your help. I’ve been asked to offer helpful information about “What would make visiting a public place, such as a zoo or an aquarium or a museum, a really great experience for visitors with disabilities?”

As a parent to a young lady with a disability, I know what I would like to suggest, but I am not experiencing this as a person with a disability. Therefore It would be hugely helpful to me to also have the input of the community of people with different needs, their families and their teachers and therapists.

Here are some basic queries to get this conversation started:

Have you ever been out to a public place with your child in a wheelchair, and maybe couldn’t get everywhere because it wasn’t wheelchair friendly?

As an independent wheelchair user are there any specific supports that would be helpful to you in public places?

If you have sensory processing disorder, what would be helpful to you?

Are you an autistic adult ? What works or doesn’t work for you when visiting busy public places of entertainment?

If you use an alternative method of communicating, what do you need in public places to be easily understood?

Are you visually impaired or blind? What makes your entertainment experience great?

If you are deaf or have a hearing impairment, what supports can be provided to you?

If places of public entertainment were closed to the public for a few days a year, and transformed to be fully and exclusively disability friendly, how would you feel about that? It would still be inclusive the rest of the year.

Thank you in advance for your expert assistance.





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