This Is What I Do

This Is What I Do

Over the years I have been asked to write my story but there never seemed to be a right time or enough time.

Recently my eldest daughter Savannah (autistic, is a person with cerebral palsy and a few other medical conditions) has been diagnosed with another condition which is degenerative. I lamented over how unfair it was that she has faced so many struggles in her life. I questioned what was the meaning of all the effort I made to make her life easier? And what possible meaning does life hold for Savannah when she constantly endures so much pain?

The meaning was in the answer. Her life taught me about faith, hope and love. I am a witness to the power of how these three pillars guide us in the face of suffering.

By blogging about my insights and by speaking about them as a motivational speaker, I hope to add faith, hope and love back into the world.

Please chat to me if you are interested in having me as a speaker at any of your events/functions/conferences.

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